Life is a Soul Game.
Let's Play with Love and Profit.

This video explains everything.

david papa

David Papa

Being Human is Weird.

It's like, wtf is going on, right? Who are we? Why are we here on this spinning ball hurtling through space? Is this just a big random coincidence? No, it's not. You are here because you are a badass Soul that chose to go on an incredible journey. This life, this moment, is one perfect piece of that journey. Since you're reading this, I know that you want more fulfilling fun in your life in some way. Yessssss! That's what this project is about! I've been coaching entrepreneurs and leaders for 5 years, while working to understand my soul path for 13. These two are merging. I help you remember who you are, why you came, what the eff to do about it in work and life.

We Do Soulplay, err, Work:

  • Imagine using Emotional Embracing to heal yourself and more permanently feel joy. It's my favorite life skill.  
  • Imagine using Intuition to confidently make amazing life-enhancing decisions. No more decision agony (my whole life). 
  • Imagine having powerful habits from your Higher Self that help you grow thriving relationships and businesses. 
  • Imagine having a whole group focusing their harmonized energy for you to experience what you love in life. Manifesting is more fun with friends.  
  • Imagine the pleasure of speaking and expressing your heart's messages out loud. Freedommmm!
  • Imagine being in community with others doing Soulwork for more connection, support, creative collaboration, and fun times. I don't go anywhere without them. 
  • Laughing. Do you know about this? 

SoulWork also exists for highly conscious and slightly rebellious Leaders in organizations.
It's called the 7 Levels.

Get Started

Get started with free resources that can kick your evolution up an notch. You'll hear about new groups opening up for work-life-soul merging, higher self habits, intuition, emotional healing, and harmonized intention, and perhaps get a channeled message or two. You've got two options:

Get my free content starting with the AIM morning routine technique. This 3-part habit puts your Spirit first every day so you can become your own guru and creative genius over time. Feel better, make faster progress, have more energy, create. 

Get my free content starting with 9 practices to get around your subconscious blocks. We all have them. They are like mental gunk clogging our flow. These 9 practices help you master your internal game, the only game that matters.

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