We can become the Rebel Leaders this VUCA world needs now, using the
7 Levels of Human Engagement. 

The 7 Levels

The last 40 years of social science research point to 7 key energies that every human needs for full engagement and happiness in their lives and work.

Here's the amazing thing, the ancient wisdom system of Yoga points to these exact same 7 energies. Mind. Blown.

Engagement is a global problem, with over 70% of world employees disengaged. That's billions of dollars of lost productivity, countless creative solutions missed, and so much progress for humanity that is not happening. 

This is a leadership problem. Most leaders are never taught what it takes to truly engage themselves, let alone others. That's why I created the 7 Levels program. It combines modern science and ancient wisdom to empower bold, self-aware, authentic leaders with a framework to create transformation for themselves and everyone around them. 

David Papa speaks

You know there's a better way. The 7 Levels is one path in that direction. My favorite path.
Also, it looks like I'm sprouting out of this box. Cool.

The Energy Level:

What this Looks Like at Work:

Tools to Measure and Implement:


Security / Trust. Safety is the foundation. If we don't feel safe we will never get out of survival mode and we will be ruled by our fears. 

Nervous system coherence. 

Psychological safety. 

Emotional Intelligence.

Personal Resilience Profile. 


Play / Experimentation. Necessary for social bonding, innovation, and dealing with constant change.

Emotional Intelligence. Personal Resilience Profile.

Team Synergy Profile. 


Autonomy / Agency / Self-Efficacy. This is what you use to make the changes you want, even in the face of obstacles.

Team Synergy Profile.

Emotional Power recovery. 

Leadership routines. 


Belonging / Appreciation. Completely underrated and a currency unto itself. This is what people really want.

EQ Communication.

Giving Feedback. 

Transforming Conflict. 


Speaking Truth / Using Strengths. Many of us are blocked at this level and never let our real self into the world.

Difficult Conversations. Strengths Discovery.

Personal Truth.


Constant Learning / True Progress. Small wins and learnings lead to massive engagement and progress.

SQ - Spiritual Intelligence. 

Intuition Training. 


Meaning / Purpose / Bigger Cause. If you don't have this in your work you will never truly love it or help humanity move forward.

SQ - Spiritual Intelligence.

Meaning Making. 

Purpose Re-discovery. 

Are you ready to engage yourself and others like never before? Yeah? Me too. 

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I give David a 10

Working with David is great. It's easy, he's 100% authentic in his delivery, he has great energy, and I trust him completely. He's approachable and he's fun. We were able to explore EQ together with the whole department! It not only helped open the door to the EQ world to everyone, but it was practical and helped us be a stronger team that can help each other emotionally as well. I give David a 10.

Nela F. Department Head

David is an Emotional Genius

David saved my life. These last few weeks have been some of the most emotionally turbulent and downright STRANGE that I've ever experienced. All kinds of fears came to the surface, and deep emotions of sadness, loss, confusion and anger coming out. And it would have been 100x times harder if it wasn't for the loving kindness, genius, and generosity of this dude! He taught me what to do to move through emotion and get to Peace.

Chris H. Coach to Leaders and Creatives

David is a rare speaker

I saw David keep an audience of entrepreneurs engaged so much they didn’t want to let him go. He did a long Q&A session with relaxed confidence and profound understanding of the subject. David is one of those rare speakers who not only structures a talk beautifully but adapts to his audience along the way. He breaks down complicated topics into simple concepts with a very natural sense of humor. He's a truly enjoyable and caring speaker!

Nadia K. Photographer, Consultant

David surprised me

I saw David speak about spirituality in business - a topic I usually avoid since the content tends to be unempirical and rarely pushes me to think in new ways (that I trust). David surprised me. He's able to talk about issues that are generally on the far side of the "soft" side of business--love, meaning, spirituality, emotion--using current science as well as practical exercises that powerfully convey why these "soft" domains are centrally important to doing good business.

Will B. Business Owner, Cultural Psychologist

Working with David was Life-changing

David, it was thanks to your teachings that I discovered my passion. After thousands of euros spent on personal development materials, seminars and books, I was able to uncover my passions and purposes in just one session with you. The info was interactive, easy to follow, and life changing. So I just wanted to give you a big thank you because "BeLiveInc" wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for you.

Antonio C. Trading and Sales

David is exceptional

David is exceptional. He's talented, insightful, and the perfect blend of open and directive. He's been tremendous in helping me see how what I do is different and unique.

Brandon S. CEO, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author

David inspired our management team

David's coaching presentation covered all of the areas we needed guidance and support with, and it also inspired our management team to change.

Ixora B. HR Manager

David is the person I was looking for

David is one of these exceptional human beings who thinks with his heart. When I first met David I knew immediately: this is the person I was looking for and I want to work with. He plans his work diligently and executes consistently.

Erhard R. Trainer, Neurostrategist, Keynote Speaker

I learned how to manage my energy

David helped me pay attention to what gives me energy, and to do more self-care. For the different challenges that have come up, I feel more able to deal with them. I learned how to better manage my energy. I feel more positive and capable. It was great.

Theresa H. Director, Large Nonprofit

David is a relentless collaborator

David is a gifted communicator and relentless collaborator. It's invigorating when someone deeply challenges you for the sake of moving towards a bigger vision, and not individual egos. His insight into human nature and society is very real.

Kenneth C. Creative Director

David helped inspire the change I've hoped for

David, I wanted to thank you for the highly significant impact you’ve had on ISP and for giving us a workable strategy to inspire the change I’ve been hoping for – it has been extremely useful to have your perspective combined with data you helped collect from our own systems, clients & employees.

Viktoria K. Founder, CEO - International Study Programs

Powerful, humorous delivery

David's delivery and content were powerful, easy to understand, humorous, interesting, and created a great atmosphere. It was refreshing to have interaction as opposed to just being talked at.

Amanda B. Teacher

David is Smart in What He Does

David is extremely smart in what he does and I really like his personality and approach. He has great expertise in the field and is able to customize it to exactly what we need. I really enjoy working with David.

Tomas C. Finance Director

David gets insights from a wealth of data

David is a strong strategic leader and 360 progressive mentor and coach. He can extract insights from a wealth of data to determine the best approach to solve a business challenge. And he aligns and inspires others to execute that strategy.

Diane M. Global Marketing Director

David gave us clarity and helped us see our purpose

David not only inspired us with lots of new business ideas and approaches on how to find customers that share our vision, he most importantly helped us to realize the individual purpose that the members of our management team want to achieve. In a very intensive one-day workshop, we got clarity on who we are and where we want to go.

Regula S. Management Consultant, Partner

David Helps Us Grow

David was a valuable part of our growth strategy. He helped us clearly define what we believe in and how we can identify potential partners who share our impactful vision.

Sara H. Instructional Designer

David has a unique way with words

David has a unique ability to invoke emotions in people, always knowing the right questions to ask. He has a unique way with words. I walk away from meeting him with at least one phrase that I constantly refer to in my thoughts that sustains my progress. His ability to listen and understand, then suggest techniques based on that knowledge is above-and-beyond anything I've experienced with other facilitators. I'm very thankful to have worked with David.

Geoff F. Senior Team Leader

Work Examples:

With Organizations

of my time

The Founder and Executives of an industry-leading B-to-B company hired me to completely re-do their company values with a bottom-up, human-first approach. We surveyed, interviewed, facilitated group sessions, and workshopped to create an amazing set of high-intelligence values that are empowering company-wide transformation.

The Department Head of an industry-leading B-to-B service company hired me to teach Emotional Intelligence to unlock peak-level collaboration and social support in her entire department. 

Hired by an international organization to delivered a series of online classes on Emotionally Intelligent Communication that got rave reviews, literally across the world. Included one-to-one implementation sessions to make the training live at work for the long term. They tell me this training is still quoted in meetings. 

A B-to-B company executive hired me to help him an 9 other execs understand why certain areas of trust and respect continued to score low on employee surveys, and how to cultivate it in their culture. Included one-to-one coaching sessions with all the executives. 


of my time

HR Executives at an international non-profit hired me to design and deliver a premium, 6-month Senior Leadership team coaching and personal development experience based on their values. It combines online courses, coaching, live group teaching, and implementation work. 

A country Director hired me to teach Emotional Intelligence to 14 Managers at an international customer service center that handles thousands of requests from across the globe. Included a special buddy implementation system to lock in the transformation.

Taught 33 leaders at an international non-profit with thousands of employees how to have coaching conversations and build a culture of coaching across the world.

Trained several entrepreneurs on delivering their most purposeful, impactful, and engaging presentations. One of the students said it changed his life. 


of my time

The CEO of a fast-growing tech start-up hired me to improve his leadership performance and the performance of his top employees using my 360 Degree EQ Assessment. 

An Executive hired me to help coach her out of stress and overwhelm with mindfulness and reconnect to her Personal Energy and true Self.

A Team Leader hired me to help him re-discover a lost focus and direction, and plan the next steps of his life. 

One woman I worked with said I "saved her life" after I helped her energetically reduce severe anxiety attacks while she was traveling for work. 

After working with me, one woman said she felt "Unconditional Love" in her being for first time. Even I was surprised. That was a good one. 

Does this resonate with you?

If it does, a part of you can already feel that. You'll have an excitement or knowing in your body that this could help move your forward in a big way. If that's you, hit me up to hear about current 7 Levels programs that I deliver with world class coaching companies in the US and Europe.