Slightly More About David

I've been focused on personal development and spirituality for 11 years. I can't even describe how different I am now and how much more alive I feel.

Four years ago I took a leap of faith in myself and decided to take everything I had learned on my personal path and bring it into the business world. Love and Profit was born.

Little did I know that this move would bring more learning than anything else, and my capacity to unlock energy, power, and freedom for myself and others would jump to a whole new level.

3 Minutes on The Origin of Love and Profit

A Ranked List of What Helps Me the Most
in My Work:

6. 10 years in marketing. Helped me understand how to serve clients, get projects done,  collaborate, and lead teams. 

5. 2 years in Business School. Getting my MBA helped me put all the pieces of business together, and accelerated my learning specifically in Purpose-driven Enterprise and Leadership.

4. Getting Certified in coaching Personal Resilience and Team Synergy. Gave me a powerful framework and method for increase my own Resilience and helping others do the same. Gave me a method to teach teams the language and practices of Synergy. 

3. Becoming an Apprentice to a top Executive Coach (Brandon Smith). Helped me immeasurably  in understanding coaching, honing my skills, and learning from a master doing the art he was born to do. 

2. Being continually coached myself for the past 4 years with several different coaches and mentors. Gave me deep understanding of what really creates change, what it feels like to be stuck, and how find the most efficient ways to make progress. 

1. My unwavering devotion to my own personal development. For years, every morning I do my own exercises on myself before I do anything else. It is this personal growth that is my greatest asset to help others. I can only take others as far as I have taken myself. With this practice, the pace of my change has been staggering. I am constantly upleveling into a more powerful version of me. And my life changes as a result. 

Thanks for reading.