3 Minutes on the Origin of This Work

Slightly More About David

Dramatic speech moment.

I'm a Spirit nerd, emotional integrator, conscious manifester, surrenderist, excitement follower, and an easy laugh. I'm basically an Energy Wizard and woo woo AF. In a really practical way. 

Personal development and spirituality have been a top priority in my life since 2006. I feel so much more alive because of this, I make decisions differently, I approach my work, relationships, and adventures with perspectives and capabilities unknown to me before I started this path. 

In 2013 I took a leap of faith in myself and Love and Profit was born. Little did I know this move would bring more learning than anything else.

When you hire me for coaching or facilitation you are getting a spiritual perspective front and center. It's baked into everything I do. After all, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Sometimes we just need a little help understanding what to do with that in the "real world". 

I also make vegan brownies.

A Ranked List of What Helps Me the Most in My Work:

8. 10 years in marketing. My first career. Helped me understand how to serve clients, get projects done, collaborate, and lead teams.

7. 2 years in Business School. Getting my MBA helped me put all the pieces of business together, specifically in Purpose-driven Enterprise and Leadership.

6. Getting Certified in coaching Personal Resilience and Team Synergy. Gave me a powerful framework and to increase my own Resilience and help others do the same. Gave me a method to teach leaders the language and practices of Synergy, which teams need to innovate well.

5. Always being a coachee. I've been continually coached since 2013 through several different coaches and mentors. This has personal benefits like more self-awareness, reduced blind spots, and more options for navigating challenges. This has professional benefits that help me be a much better coach to others.

4. At the beginning of Love and Profit I became an Apprentice to a top Executive Coach (Brandon Smith). I owe him so much. He helped me immeasurably in starting my practice and learning how to coach in incredibly deep ways. I absorbed everything I could from someone already a master in the art I was born to do. He and I still work very closely together through The Worksmiths.

3. Energy healing techniques. I've studied Reiki, crystal healing, chakra cleansing, and intuition work with masters, but I had a breakthrough when I hired Ildiko Scurr to coach me with Life Retuning. This technique created massive shifts in my energy and beliefs and I decided immediately I had to learn this. I studied with her one-on-one and now I use this energy modality in my work with clients.

2. My unwavering devotion to my own personal development. For years, every morning I do my own exercises on myself before I do anything else. It might be 10 minutes or 2 hours. I call this "Mornings Are For Me." It is this devotion to my own personal growth that is my greatest human asset to help others. Every step up I take puts me in a better position to understand what others are going through and help them step up as well. With this practice, the pace of my change has been staggering. 

1. My direct connection to my Higher Self. I used to be so envious of spiritual teachers who seemed to see energy, get messages, or commune with spirits. What a useful skill! I saw and heard nothing. I told myself, "that will never be me. I don't have a connection." Then one day I was doing a journaling mediation and information started coming through me. The journal was writing itself. When I finished and read the text, I was shocked at the level of clarity, love, and intelligence on the page. It came from somewhere far different than my logical mind. I realized I had established a direct connection with my higher wisdom. It informs my every decision and sits with me in every challenge. This is not unique. Everyone can do this. In working together, the greatest gift I can give is helping you rediscover this connection for yourself. 

Contact: hello@loveandprofit.com

Energy Wizarrrrdddd!!