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"Rise from Ashes"

Release Planned for last week of February 2018

Rise From Ashes

This issue is all about stories of redemption or rising from seeming ashes. All of us feel down and out, all of us end up with our head in hands wondering how the hell we ended up where we are and what the fuck we are doing. The point is not to scramble so hard to avoid those moments, the point is what we do when we find ourselves in them.

Let's tell our stories of rising from the ashes. Let's tell our stories of feeling like everything was against us and then transforming that into our best move. This is the story of being fired that turns into the spark someone needs to create their purpose business. This is the story of a friend dying and realizing the unbelievable gift in the relationship with this person, or the amazing message we take forward into our lives. This is the story of struggle that turned out to be the perfect next step in our journey. 

This is issue will publish in early April. Submissions are due by end of March. 

Let's see what we create together. 

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FAQs About This Project

What is this project?

This is a collaborative blog project. Instead of releasing one post at a time we create a collection of posts together on the same theme and release it all at once. Then we all share it together. Better for the reader and better for us! Like a magazine, but a blog. It's a blogazine!

Why was this created?

I was done with the endless train of "write a post, promote the post, write a post, promote the post".  I wanted to have fun blogging again. I wanted to create content in collaboration. I wanted to slow down and create more robust, complete resources that give readers lots to consider and digest over time. I saw this idea on another site and was immediately attracted to it. 

How does it work?

I'll pick a theme, and you can create content for that theme. It's that's easy. Then we put it together and make it all live at the same time. Then we all share the cool stuff that each other has written, or recorded, or drawn, or videoed. I plan on sharing bits and pieces of the current blogazine issue up until the next issues comes out. 

Who is this blogazine for?

Purpose-driven creators, Spiritpreneurs, heart-centered leaders, new project starters, independent workers, and people wanting to try out these roles in their lives.

What are the general topic areas?

Anything related to leadership, venture creation, passion project starting, collaboration, spiritual development, and personal development. Ideally each article will include at least one practical tip for readers. I will mostly be writing from the angle of "practical spirituality" because that excites me the most. Any angles on the above topics are welcome. Whatever excites you!

Thank you so much!

I want to personally say thanks for participating in this project. I'm super excited about where this could go. I think this will enhance our content creation in every way and allow us the fun of collaborating more, which is one of my clearest and deepest intentions. I look forward to seeing what we make together, and I'm excited to share that with the world. 

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