Grow Your Change Power

Make Uncertainty Your Friend, Cut Through Overwhelm,
and Lead Real Progress in Change

What is Change Power?

(The answer and reflection questions for you in this video)

Let's be honest, the only constant in this crazy world is change. But do we act like it? Mostly no. And so this never-ending change flood brings tons of uncertainty and piles of overwhelm. And it seems like it will never stop. Yikes. 

But what if, instead of drowning in it or get swept away by constant change, we could get in an innertube and float like we are on vacation? What if we could ride the currents to exactly where we want to go, faster than we ever could before? 

You can. That's Change Power. 

Change happens in 2 directions. There's the change constantly flying at our faces that we have seem to have very little control over. Incoming! Then there's the change we purposely try to create, the change that we want to see in the world. Outgoing. Change Power is your total mastery of both these directions of change.

Try these questions:

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your ability to remain calm, feeling good, and thrive in the flood of constant change?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your ability to consistently create the new inspiring things you want to see in the world?

If both answers are not a 10, take a second to imagine what your work and life could be like if you could make your Change Power a 10. What are all the agile, amazing, new things you would do with maximum Change Power? 

Yes! Exactly! That sounds incredible. Let's do that.

Get Your Personal Resilience Pattern

Mastering incoming change is arguably the most in-demand leadership skill in the business world right now. This skill is called Resilience. 

Will change ever stop feeling overwhelming? Will our to-do lists ever get a break? Not if you keep doing what you've always done in the face of change and challenge.

There are 7 resilience energies that successful people use to thrive through change. It's science. You can find out exactly how you use these energies by getting a map of your Personal Resilience pattern. You will see how this pattern helps you or hurts you. Most importantly, you will see the specific new things you can to do to amp up your Resilience energy to master incoming change in work and life. I will guide you through this process. I'm certified. 

What will your pattern look like?

Get Your Team Resilience Profile

Look at that sexy chart. That's what your Team Resilience Profile could look like. It gives you a map of exactly how your team comes together to face change, challenge, and disruption. It shows you where your team is doing really well and where you are lagging. 

You can use this to manage your team's change capacity with laser precision. You can decide exactly where you need to give more support or pull back to help your team thrive in change and challenge. Your team will be able to handle more change, get through change quicker, with more clarity, less overwhelm, and support each other on a whole new level. More Change Power means less resistance and more progress. How valuable would that be? 

What is Your Team's Synergy Rating?

Innovation: I've examined this concept my entire career. Why is real, lasting, leap-forward innovation so rare in most organizations? Because most people, teams and organizations are only structured for the status quo. So they freeze in the face of the uncertainty required to create something new. Fortunately, you and I are not most people. 

Make uncertainty your friend and it will give you the gift of innovation. You can embrace uncertainty by how you structure your team. And you can guide others through a 4-part process that aligns the entire team with the same energy and focus. That's Team Synergy. ​

With this tool, you get exact ratings for your team's current level of Synergy in 9 different components. You even get to see how you compare to other teams. This data shows you exactly where resistance is happening in your work and how to address it. You will free yourself of this resistance. With the new level of alignment you will make real creative progress, finally. This is like your team's innovation capability roadmap. 

How well does your team synergize for innovation?

Evaluate the Change Power of Your Whole Organization

Your Organization's Change Power is connected to its Values. And I'm not talking about the words on the wall. I'm talking about the actual day-to-day lived values. Every decision leaders make, every action they take, what they reward, and what they punish shows everyone what the real values are. Maybe they match the wall, maybe they don't. Maybe they are good for managing change, maybe they aren't. 

What are the values you are really living? You can use our Valuetypes Assessment Tool to find out. 

With this tool, get a precise read on the values that you, your people, and even your customers see in your organization. Are they a match for how you need to grow? Does the leadership and the rest of the company have different values? Are you an organization built on stability only, or are you set up to embrace change? Answer these questions quickly. This removes the guesswork from creating your optimal culture. You can choose how to engage your people, create your market advantage, and get to the next level.

The Valuetypes Analysis is brought to you by a collaboration of Love and Profit and Brands With Values. Partnership and co-creation are key values we share. 

These Are 4 Ways We Can Do This This Work

(in-person or remotely online)

Individual Executive Change Power Coaching

Team Resilience Workshop 

Team Resilience +
Team Synergy Workshop

Organizational Valuetypes Analysis and Implementation 

See if More Change Power is what you want:

Nela F. Department Head

I give David a 10

Working with David is great. It's easy, he's 100% authentic in his delivery, he has great energy, and I trust him completely. He's approachable and he's fun. We were able to explore EQ together with the whole department! It not only helped open the door to the EQ world to everyone, but it was practical and helped us be a stronger team that can help each other emotionally as well. I give David a 10.

Viktoria K. Founder, CEO - International Study Programs

David helped inspire the change I've hoped for

David, I wanted to thank you for the highly significant impact you’ve had on ISP and for giving us a workable strategy to inspire the change I’ve been hoping for – it has been extremely useful to have your perspective combined with data you helped collect from our own systems, clients & employees.

Regula S. Management Consultant, Partner

David gave us clarity and helped us see our purpose

David not only inspired us with lots of new business ideas and approaches on how to find customers that share our vision, he most importantly helped us to realize the individual purpose that the members of our management team want to achieve. In a very intensive one-day workshop, we got clarity on who we are and where we want to go.

Tomas C. Finance Director

David is Smart in What He Does

David is extremely smart in what he does and I really like his personality and approach. He has great expertise in the field and is able to customize it to exactly what we need. I really enjoy working with David.

Erhard R. Trainer, Neurostrategist, Keynote Speaker

David is the person I was looking for

David is one of these exceptional human beings who thinks with his heart. When I first met David I knew immediately: this is the person I was looking for and I want to work with. He plans his work diligently and executes consistently.



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