Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Let's Have More Success With Humans

Lead Like You Know
How Humans Really Work 

(Because you do)

Surprise, humans are not rational. Our emotional system underpins all our thinking and behavior. This is why EQ accounts for 85% of our success, according to the Carnegie Institute. That's why High EQ people make $29,000 more per year than their peers, according to Talentsmart. Increasing our EQ is the most efficient way to improve performance and leadership ability. 

Really, EQ is a foundational skill for accomplishing anything meaningful in a group setting. Make better decisions. Unlock more motivation and inspiration for yourself. This is one of the fastest paths in personal development. Plus, feeling is fun! (Mostly). So how good is your EQ?

Work With Me If You Want These 7 Emotional Intelligence Upgrades:
  1. A 360 Degree EQ Assessment - Find out if you demonstrate EQ at work, how people really feel about working with you, and what to do next. 
  2. Mindfulness - the starting point for Self-Awareness, the anti-dote to stress, and an epically deep leadership skill. Can be taught as a stand-alone item.
  3. Self-Regulation - 90% of elite performers have this (TalentSmart). Transforms stress into freedom.
  4. Internal Motivation and Flow - Access the energy, joy, and creativity in everything you do.
  5. Empathy - Understand how to respond to the emotions around you in a productive way.
  6. Social Intelligence - Use EQ to communicate, inspire, empower and move a whole team, together.
  7. Ability to apply these EQ skills in a host of Leadership situations, communications, and scenarios.

(And what you can do about it. Get yours.)

These Are 4 Ways We Can Do This Work:

(in-person or remotely online)

Individual EQ Leadership Coaching

Group Mindfulness Training

Group EQ Leadership Training

To Do it Yourself: Build a Coaching Culture inside Your Organization

See if Leadership EQ is what you want:
Geoff F. Senior Team Leader

David has a unique way with words

David has a unique ability to invoke emotions in people, always knowing the right questions to ask. He has a unique way with words. I walk away from meeting him with at least one phrase that I constantly refer to in my thoughts that sustains my progress. His ability to listen and understand, then suggest techniques based on that knowledge is above-and-beyond anything I've experienced with other facilitators. I'm very thankful to have worked with David.

Diane M. Global Marketing Director

David gets insights from a wealth of data

David is a strong strategic leader and 360 progressive mentor and coach. He can extract insights from a wealth of data to determine the best approach to solve a business challenge. And he aligns and inspires others to execute that strategy.

Kenneth C. Creative Director

David is a relentless collaborator

David is a gifted communicator and relentless collaborator. It's invigorating when someone deeply challenges you for the sake of moving towards a bigger vision, and not individual egos. His insight into human nature and society is very real.

Ixora B. HR Manager

David inspired our management team

David's coaching presentation covered all of the areas we needed guidance and support with, and it also inspired our management team to change.

Amanda B. Teacher

Powerful, humorous delivery

David's delivery and content were powerful, easy to understand, humorous, interesting, and created a great atmosphere. It was refreshing to have interaction as opposed to just being talked at.



Where am I?
I live in Prague. I do much of my work digitally with people like you all over the world. I also love coming to you to coach or consult in person. 

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