How to Find Your Most Fulfilling Career with Meredith Walters

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About This Episode:

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In this episode, we have an in-depth conversation on how to do your best career moves.

We tackle some big questions, like: 

  • Why do we often wait until some type of catastrophe before we take action to change our lives?
  • How can we listen to our pain in a way that helps us?
  • What happens if we make big mistakes in our career path?
  • How to start to make changes in a direction we want when we have a full-time job?
  • What are Meredith's top 3 tips for making an amazing career change? 
  • How can we start to feel better about what we are working on right away?

Meredith has been working for herself for a long time, and coaching others even longer. She continues to evolve her work in order to model what she tells her clients. Her own story of depression and trying to understand herself is captivating, and it led her in certain ways to the work she does today. She's helped hundreds of people make career switches. 

If you are thinking about a career move. Meredith's words will speak to you directly and she will help you get there. 

Here are some highlights for me: 

"We make pain out to be a bad thing, but pain is just an indication of what we need to look at. Pain is a sign of a healthy system." 

"The Universe is not going to abandon you if you accidentally get off your path."

"Make a sacred commitment to what gives you joy." 

What are your best tips for career switching for fulfilling work?