This is You, 
the Leader.

YOU are someone people choose to follow.

Because You are Emotionally Intelligent, Mindfully Present, Connected to your Inner Wisdom and Creative Power.

You make sh*t happen. You Love what you do. You help everyone around you.
And they love you for it.

This is Me.

(David Papa)

I'm just a coach holding my own logo. In this picture, I'm saying sorry to a crowd for only having a man leader pictured at the top of this page. I get it, crowd. In fact, the original top of this page was a half-woman, half-man, half-wolf, half-leader. I called it the Doublehuman Wereleader. But my designer said "learn reality." I said "that's good coaching." 

Why am I here? I'm on a mission from my Higher Self to unleash more of YOU, the Leader, into the world. Woman, Man, or Leadership Beast. Because the world needs YOU. Business needs YOU. The people need YOU. Your life needs YOU. 

The old ways of doing business are over. Done. The new ways of doing business require an entirely new class of leadership that prioritizes the Human Spirit to unleash raw creative energy and magic into the world.

You are that energy and magic. You know you have this within you. You already know how great it would feel to let it out. It feels like Love, and it's great for business.

No matter where you are right now, if you allow yourself, you will tap into skills under the surface and create transformations you didn't even think were possible. You have all the answers you need inside yourself.

​I'm just a guide to help you connect with them.

Love, David

This is How I Help YOU Happen:

Have More Success with Humans using Emotional Intelligence

Laugh in the Face of Overwhelm and Uncertainty with Change Power.

Unleash The Spiritual Leader in You to Create Extraordinary Outcomes.

I'm Currently Working With:

  • Teaching EQ to Managers at an international customer service center that handle thousands of requests from across the globe. Including special partnered implementation coaching to lock in the learnings and see transformation.
  • HR Executives at international organization with thousands of employees, to deliver a premium senior leadership team coaching and personal development experience. 
  • A CEO of a fast-growing tech start-up that wants to improve his leadership performance and the performance of his top employees using my 360 Degree EQ Assessment and coaching. 
  • The department head of an industry-leading company that wants to use Emotional Intelligence to unlock peak-level collaboration and social support in her entire department. 
  • An Executive that wants to combat stress and overwhelm with mindfulness and reconnecting to her true Self.

A Few of My Favorite Previous Projects: 

  • Guided the leaders of an industry-leading company through a process of re-doing their values with a bottom-up, people-first approach. We surveyed, interviewed, facilitated group sessions, and workshopped specific wording to create an amazing set of transformative values that will power this company to go the next level. 
  • Taught 33 leaders at an international organization how to have coaching conversations and build a culture of coaching across the world. 
  • Taught the Executives of an emergency-relief international non-profit all about Personal Resilience and how to use it to enhance their Change Power and collaboration.
  • Delivered a series of online classes on Emotionally Intelligent communication for an international organization that got rave reviews across the world. Included one to one sessions implementation sessions with participants to really make the training live at work for the long term.
  • Trained several entrepreneurs on delivering their most purposeful and impactful Emotionally Intelligent presentations. One of the students said it changed his life. 

Perhaps your project will get into my Top 5.



Where am I?
I live in Prague. I do much of my work digitally with people like you all over the world. I also love coming to you to coach or consult in person. 

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