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Preparing a Magic 2018

Release Planned for 3 january 2018

Preparing a Magic 2018

This issue is all about helping readers set up an amazing year. What building blocks do they need to create a foundation for a thriving 2018? What year-starting rituals can we share? What are the mindsets they can adopt? How can they empower themselves this year? What are the latest discoveries in the world and in our own life that can be applied to create a thriving year?

Let's share our best ideas and practices to help more people have a magic 2018.  

Some article examples I am currently thinking about for this issue:

  • How to Reflect on, Celebrate, and put 2017 to bed. 
  • How will you know you had a great 2018? Journaling.
  • The One Word Goal. (I'm definitely writing this one).
  • Poem: "Am I willing to see Me"
  • Never Work Alone: Call in the Support for Your Goals

These are not written yet. If one of these excites you, you can even do that or something very similar. These are listed here to spur more ideas. And the content doesn't have to be an article. It can be videos, drawings, songs, poems, audio files, or anything we want to create!

Want to contribute to this issue?

FAQs About This Project

What's the purpose of this magazine?

The purpose is to create themed content on the topic of personal development that is more helpful to the reader and offers more exposure and collaboration for the authors. A set of articles on a topic, from different perspectives and people, is more helpful than just one. And when we write together, we have a chance to amplify our impact by all sharing the magazine to our individual networks. 

How does it work?

We create content connected by a theme. Then we release that content all at once, like a magazine, at the beginning of the month. I make a web page where the magazine issue lives, with images and links to each article. Then throughout that month we share the content from our magazine and invite people to consider how the theme and articles can help them live happier lives.  We engage our audiences for about a month on this theme, so people have a chance to think about it and integrate it. While we are sharing the current "issue", we are creating content behind the scenes for the next issue. So for each theme, there is a creating time and a sharing time. 

Who is this magazine for?

Purpose-driven creators, Spiritpreneurs, heart-centered leaders, new project starters, independent workers, and people wanting to try out these roles in their lives.

What are the general topic areas?

Anything related to leadership, venture creation, passion project starting, collaboration, spiritual development, and personal development. Ideally each article will include at least one practical tip for readers. I will mostly be writing from the angle of "practical spirituality" because that excites me the most. Any angles on the above topics are welcome. Whatever excites you!

What are the benefits?

  1. Collaboration. It's always more fun and higher quality to create things together, and share each other's work to amplify our impact.

  2. Multiple content types combined into one cool resource. Each magazine could have articles, poems, videos, photos, stories, drawings, and many other content types. They are all displayed together under one theme, making it both very easy for a reader to use, more fun, and a great reference page ​where we can send anyone interested in that topic over time. 

  3. More intentional and purposeful content sharing and exposure. Maybe the best benefit. Instead of shouting on social media every time we have a new post, "look at my new post about meditation!", we are creating an intentional reusable resource that can help people from multiple angles. "Check out this resource on various experiences with meditation that we put together." We can trickle out quotes or questions or links to the articles in the magazine over a month as we share it, gently inviting audiences into the theme so they can explore it too in a less frenetic pace. People have more time to engage with it and digest it rather than just a one-off post, where the next post is a different topic already. Once we have the content all together, we can easily remix it or repost it on linkedin or other sites. And with all the shares, we have one solid place people can click back to, increasing exposure for all of the authors. Let's be honest, it's a lot more fun to share something we made together!

  4. By creating this resource, we make all our individual posts more powerful. Whenever someone reads one of our posts, not only are they getting the value from us, but it links with the other posts in the issue, offering more value on the topic for readers. And they get exposed to you by reading someone else's article. The post you have created does more work for you and your business.  

  5. We jump off the never-ending content treadmill. I am looking forward to this benefit. I'm done with trying to come up with a new idea every week, write, post, share frantically and then do it all again into infinity.  This is much more evenly paced and focused. We pick a topic and create content about that for one month. We don't share it as soon as we create it. We take our time to create it and put it together in the magazine. Then it's done and we make it live all together. Now we have this cool completed thing we can share in many ways over time, and refer people back to. The content creation is easier and also the sharing is easier. And if we are so inclined, while we are sharing our creation, we can work behind the scenes on collecting our content for the next theme. It seems much more relaxed to me. Over time, we will have a library of useful and organized information on many topics that we can always send someone to when they have a question or challenge related to those topics.

  6. It sounds more fun in every way to me than a typical blog ​​​​and I want to try it!

Thank you so much!

I want to personally say thanks for participating in this project. I'm super excited about where this could go. I think this will enhance our content creation in every way and allow us the fun of collaborating more, which is one of my clearest and deepest intentions. I look forward to seeing what we make together, and I'm excited to share that with the world. 

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