Spiritual Leadership

Empower Yourself, Galvanize Those Around You,
Make Extraordinary Outcomes

Your Signature Move

Your Spirit is Your
Greatest Practical Leadership Asset 

(try the exercise at the end of this video)

This path is not for the faint of heart. This is the highest level coaching I offer. It's also the deepest. And the toughest. It incorporates both Emotional Intelligence and Change Power, and ventures into the realm of the Inner Spirit as our greatest Leadership tool. 

On a scale of 1 - 10, how truly excited and alive do you feel right now about what you are creating at work?

On a scale of 1 - 10, how memorable and impactful and inspiring is what you do every day?

If you want to make it a 10, if you want to do something really extraordinary, your Inner Spirit will show you how. It's up to you to listen. 

Definition of Inner Spirit:

Our deeper, real selves. The part of us that is truly unique, infinitely creative, connected to something bigger, and is the Source of our greatest transformational power. Wouldn't you love to live from this part of yourself?

Yes, you would, because this is the part of you that makes you feel fully in love with our life. Bursting with energy just to be alive. Have you ever felt that? Then you know it's in there. It wants to come out. 

Most of us ignore our Spirit completely. But those of us that turn inward to uncover it and embrace it experience entirely new levels of our Inner Wisdom, Creative Energy, fulfillment, and growth. We create things that astound us, and we never go back. 

What does this look like on a day-to-day practical level?

It looks like you connecting with your inner self daily, understanding how your emotions and internal guidance system really work. It looks like you having the courage to lead with what is in your heart. This usually means a revolution in how you make decisions and take action at work and in your life. It looks like you using your Inner Wisdom as your differentiating strategy. And then you step into your true extraordinary role in this grand experiment called the Universe. 

We cannot create radical outcomes in our lives by staying the same and doing the same old things. If we want the new and the awesome, we have to start being awesome and do something we've never tried before. That's what this is. Are you ready? 

How Spiritually Engaged Are You?

There are 7 key energies that each human needs to feel fully alive and bring our most powerful selves to work. I use a Spiritual Engagement System I created to help you rate and track your connection with these 7 energies. You can see the basics of this system in the images here.

That little guy is showing us one way to think about these 7 factors: as energy banks. Look at each energy, how much do feel each one every day? Being full on these 7 energies is what makes us feel fully alive and create our magic in the world. This is how we get our best ideas and lead like never before. Get filled up.

You can take the Spiritual Engagement Assessment when we start our work together. We'll see exactly where you need to fill yourself up to leverage more of the full power of your Spirit. We'll use this tool to make heart-centered ideas business practical. 

Get Your EQ and Personal Resilience Patterns

In this program you also get my 2 other assessments:
1) The 360 EQ Report
2) The Personal Resilience Profile. 

Your Self-awareness is going to skyrocket off the chart. You will be a better leader in every direction of your life.

You will get a numerical measure of your Change Power and your Spiritual Engagement. You will be able to make precise, practical adjustments in your life that will lead you to extraordinary outcomes that people love. More importantly, these are the outcomes you will love, they are the ones you have always been looking for. You already have this power in you, you just need to see how you can let it out.

We will take a planned, staggered approach to using these assessments so that you get the right information at the right time to keep your growth moving up and to the right, just like every good business graph. Oh, and it's fun. 

Look at this guy. He's cool. 
He must be a Spiritual Leader.
Let's be like this guy. 

If This Excites You Then It's Right For You

(delivered in-person or remotely online)

Double-check if this is a fit by talking to me:


Weight-lifted and confident

Talking with David left me feeling super charged and ready to continue with my project, weight lifted and confident.

Chris H. - Coach to Leaders and Creatives

Working with David was Life-changing

David, it was thanks to your teachings that I discovered my passion. After thousands of euros spent on personal development materials, seminars and books, I was able to uncover my passions and purposes in just one session with you. The info was interactive, easy to follow, and life changing. So I just wanted to give you a big thank you because "BeLiveInc" wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for you.

Antonio C. - Trading and Sales

I learned how to manage my energy

David helped me pay attention to what gives me energy, and to do more self-care. For the different challenges that have come up, I feel more able to deal with them. I learned how to better manage my energy. I feel more positive and capable. It was great.

Theresa H. - Director, Large Nonprofit

David is exceptional

David is exceptional. He's talented, insightful, and the perfect blend of open and directive. He's been tremendous in helping me see how what I do is different and unique.

Brandon S. - CEO, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author



Where am I?
I live in Prague. I do much of my work digitally with people like you all over the world. I also love coming to you to coach or consult in person. 

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