What is the Most Efficient Way To Happiness?

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About This Episode:

I love questions like this, what is the most direct route to something we want? I talk about the main block to happiness in our lives and what to do about it. This is the same block that keeps our life stuck in certain patterns we can't seem to break away from. Let's break out. 

Spoiler Alert:

We are trained in this life to believe that happiness comes later, only when we get something. If I can only get that job, that relationship, that amount of money, that house, that family, then I'll be happy. 

Happiness doesn't work like that. Just think about your own experience, have you every been sustainably happy chasing all these things outside yourself? Just think about all the people out there chasing all these things, are they happy? 

So why do we keep doing it? That's the definition of insanity. The problem is that almost all of society operates with a maladaptive approach to happiness always keeping it in the future, and never experiencing it right now. 

Let's be sane. Happiness starts in the present moment. This show talks about how. 

It's about first realizing that right now is perfectly okay. We don't have to go fix and change everything so we can be happy. Can we find what we are happy about right now, enjoy that, accept the rest and then move toward more of our happiness? 

xo, David

Let me know below: What are the practices you have found that have truly increased your happiness?