Love as a Purposeful Strategy

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About This Episode:

Love is a choice that can radically alter what we experience and what comes to us in life. It's biology, and it's physics. Everything that appears in our experience is based on our energetic relationship with it. Find this, work with this, and our reality changes.

In this way we use love as a strategy. As I describe in this episode, every relationship we have allows us to see something about who we are and what we are holding. Usually this comes from our relationship challenges. When we see these things and work when them we move into a place of more love in our lives and a much more amazing relationship. 

But we don't need to wait for that big fight or blow up in the relationship in order to see what we need to find. We go looking directly at our relationships at any time, before anything "bad" happens.

Just sit down and connect with the relationship of the person. Feel the energy in your body. Feel what emotions come up. ask yourself if you feel unconditional love for this person in this relationship. If you don't, if you wish the person could be different in any way, you have some resistance, and you will have more joy when you let this resistance go by sitting and breathing with it. 

That is all that you need to do to have much better relationships with everything. 

Let me know how it goes. xo - David

What are your suggestions for improving relationships?