The Point of Life is Love, But What Do We Do With That?

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In this episode, I explain the point of life in 20 minutes. I swear. 

It's not going to make sense to everyone, and that's fine. We could obviously talk about this for hours, but this podcast comes from a direct spiritual insight that zapped me during a meditation a few weeks ago. I turned on the mic and spoke it. 

We're supposed to love ourselves. How? We are supposed to love others. How? Why don't we feel more love all the time? What does this all practically mean? 

I answer those questions. The answer emerges once we realize what Love really is and why it feels so good. This underlying reason makes love more accessible and applicable than most of us realize. 

Try the practice. Let me know your experience. 

Spoiler: Everything is energy and that energy contains love. If we want to experience this in our lives we need to choose to see this everywhere and act on this from inside of us. We need to choose to bring this energy into ourselves and through ourselves with specific practices, like the one I talk about in the episode. This is the most efficient way to bring more love into our lives NOW and create more in the future. This is how it fills up our life. 

This is a big topic and I only had a few minutes to share my take, so if you have some questions or your own take that can help people, definitely drop a comment below. Or use the Anchor app to listen to the show and you can send me a voice message that I respond to on a future show! 

xo, David