Project Argonaut   |   by Chris Hardy and David Papa

You Told Us What Was Holding You Back...

We're sharing spirit-driven tools
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Problem #2: I Don't Know My Purpose

Tool #2:  
2 Ways to Get to Your Purpose

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A collaborative spiritual adventure off the edge of the map to find your thriving impact business.

Do you hear the call to become an Entrepreneurial Argonaut?

The Argonauts are gathering. We're calling together an intrepid group of collaborators for spiritual entrepreneurship to build our thriving, heart-centered, impact businesses together. 

This is NOT a course.
This is a spiritual adventure with profitable twist.

We are NOT going to tell you what to do.  You are going to uncover what to do through intense collaboration with others and listening intently to your HIGHER SELF.  

It's mostly online, but there are also hugs, high-fives, ceremonies, music, some travel, and lots of building cool shit in the world. After this, none of us will be the same. 

We'll email you the details. 
In fact, if you get on this list, you'll get to help create those details. 

Do You Want to Be Part of This Group Creating Our Spirit-Driven Businesses Together? 


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