Rise From Ashes Blogazine

This blogazine issue is all about redemption. It's about falling down and getting back up. 

We all fall down. When kids learn to walk falling down is part of the process. They trip, they fall. They learn. We adults are the same. We are learning to walk the path of our Soul, and we trip many times, we learn, we get back up. Because the seed of our evolution is planted deep inside us. It feels great to keep going.  

Read about: 

  • Hilary's story of switching from wanting to be a nun to finding yourself
  • How letting my life fall apart and quitting everything for 3 months was one of the best decisions I ever made
  • A hilarious post from Arnaud about bumping into failure again and again, to the metaphor of a Rocky movie 
  • Chris's experience going through an arduous emotional hero's journey in real life.