multipotentialites are coming

Rise of the Multipotentialite! Blogazine

The economy is completely changing. Every year there are less full time jobs and more people doing freelance work. These freelancers put together careers that look anything but traditional. A little coaching here, a little UX design there, a little music making over here. We find a way to move through this world as best we can. These are the Multipotentialites. It's like the Renaissance people of the digital age. 

It's not always easy, and this way of being is not going anywhere. It's only going to increase. So prepare yourself for your own multipotentialism, or if you are already working this way, use our tips to rise, friend, rise! 

Read about: 

  • Chris's explanation of where the term Multipotentialite came from and what economic forces are creating this 
  • Hilary's article on all the hats she wears and how she puts them together in an integrated way
  • David's call to notice that everything is energy, even our entrepreneurial ventures, and managing our energy is the key to our progress