What Are the 7 Levels of Engagement? Kimberli interviews David

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About This Interview:

I had the privilege of appearing on the popular radio show Leadership Beyond Borders on Voice of America

Kimberli Lewis Interviews me about the 7 Levels of Human Engagement. This is a leadership model combining 40 years of social science research and ancient spiritual wisdom. It's what I use in my corporate work. 

We some of the key levels and talk about what they look like at work, and how we can use them. 

Let's end the engagement problem and be the leaders people actually love to work for. 

Here's are a few highlights: 

  • Before you do anything else you have to help people get out of survival mode
  • If you want to change the culture of an organization do it with a rebellious team of compatriots
  • No matter what level you are in the organization, the way to start experiencing more of what you really want at work is to give those things to others. 

What ancient wisdom do you use at work?

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