Your Soul Needs Nothing From You

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About This Episode:

"I'm stuck in my corp job. What's my passion? How do I fix my life?"

Your Soul doesn't care about those questions. What does it care about?

Your Soul is already complete and sees you right now as an infinite being shooting light out of all your holes. Your Soul is eating fluffy popcorn watching the movie of your live absolutely enjoying every second. 

Your Soul planted the seeds of everything you will explore in your life before you were born, and your Soul is just jumping for joy as you grow those seeds by going through your human experience. No matter what happens. 

In this show we'll hear the story of one woman disconnected from her passion. She feels totally stuck in her corporate job and doesn't know how to get out of it. When she tries to answer questions about her passions she just totally blanks. She has no idea how to move forward or make the changes she wants. So let's help her. 

I share two practices in this podcast that can start changing her situation right away. 

1) Asking what her heart wants every morning, so she reconnects with her internal messaging.
2) Using Emotional Embracing to transform shitty feelings into creative power. 

These tools make your Soul leap out of its cloudy chair with joy as fluffy popcorn flies across the sky.  

What are your best tips for getting unstuck?